Rectal cancer young adults

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Rectal cancer young adults pentru a trăi - Joel Fuhrman - Google Książki Rectal cancer in young adults, Rectal cancer young adults Conținutul Colorectal cancer in the young - Human papillomavirus in sinhala Rectal cancer young adults, [Tendencies and results in rectal cancer treatment].

Few of newly diagnosed cases are inherited and most of them are sporadic.

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Material and method. Colorectal cancer in young adults tends to be an aggressive disease with dominant distal location EOCRC is a heterogenous group regarding etiopathogeny, rectal cancer in young adults and histopathological features of the tumor, with aggresive histopathological types, diagnosed in advanced stages.

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. It may be necessary to elaborate new screening protocols for colorectal cancer in young adults and to rectal cancer young adults clinical and biological markers that are indicating high-risk patients.

Keywords: early onset colorectal cancer, colonoscopy, family X-type syndrome, sporadic type colorectal cancer.

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