Cancer ovarian detection. Aims & Scope

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If successful the blood test, known as Galleri, could revolutionise early diagnosis of cancer and save many lives by identifying symptoms quickly enough for prompt treatment to make the difference between life and death.

The blood test will be offered topeople in England from mid, the vast majority of whom have no signs of the disease.

NHS England hopes the test may prove particularly useful at detecting early signs of cancers that are hard to spot and so have worse survival rates, such as ovarian and pancreatic cancer. This promising blood test could therefore be a gamechanger in cancer care, helping thousands more people to get successful treatment. Thepeople who will be offered the test will be aged between 50 and Of them cancer ovarian detection, will be cancer ovarian detection free.

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They will be identified through NHS records, randomly selected and invited to join the trial. Those in the trial will have a blood test every year for three years to check for the presence of malignant growths. The other 25, people will be those identified by their GP as having possible signs of cancer, such as a lump or discharge. They will have to give a blood sample, as well have conventional tests such as a CT or MRI scan, to speed up the diagnosis.

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NHS England believes the Galleri tests could lead to people with cancer being diagnosed cancer ovarian detection years before that would otherwise happen. The tests could also pinpoint where in the body cancer was developing, they said. If the results in show the test works, the NHS will recruit a million other people to a much larger trial cancer ovarian detection and The Galleri blood test, which checks for molecular changes, has been developed by Grail, a California-based company which is using science and technology to find ways of identifying cancer in its early stages.

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People whose cancer is detected at that stage have between five and 10 times a greater chance of surviving than those who are only identified at stage four. Lawrence Young, a professor of molecular oncology, at Warwick University, said the Galleri test was one of several novel blood tests being developed to spot cancer early on.

Paul Pharoah, a professor of cancer epidemiology, at Cambridge University, claimed the NHS was prematurely embracing a test that had yet to be proven to work.

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Cancer charities welcomed the trial. This test, if proven to be effective, could be a major turning point in diagnosing ovarian cancer in this country, saving thousands of lives every year.

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